Weight Loss During Corona And Times of Transition – How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

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Stress and anxiety are on the rise. Many are looking for ways to alleviate anxiety and enjoy life. Hypnotherapy offers a natural, non-pharmacological process of tapping into your inner resources and empowering your mind.
Can you afford not to treat anxiety?
You deserve to free your self from anxiety and live a full and happy life, where you express yourself and meet your potential.

Miri and Neota’s podcast.


Miri and Neota are sharing and discussing practical tools for anxiety relief. Those tools can be used anywhere and everywhere, and they help create a harmonious balance in your nervous system, reducing anxiety.

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Clinical Hypnotherapists Miri Malkin and Neota Tinkler discuss the experience of Hypnosis as a therapeutic process, including personal experiences from their offices.
Miri and Neota share their knowledge and explain how Hypnosis helps their clients to create a transformation and how it can support you.

To my surprise, I gained 4.5Kg (~10lbs) over the past 8 weeks!! To be honest, gaining weight wasn’t really a surprise – we baked a lot. Our meals consisted of “comfort food,” and “treats” were available with no limits. To be even more honest, I am amazed that I gained only 4.5Kg. Uncertain times, like the current Covid-19 time, when things are changing rapidly and we don’t always have control, it can have a huge impact on our habits, including our eating habits.

Stress and anxiety are on the rise, and the routine we had before sheltering in place has changed completely. It only makes sense that our eating habits have changed too. We let our eating habits and food choices take a different direction, and by doing so, we allow ourselves to make choices that aren’t the best. The direct effect is weight gain.


What Are People Afraid of When They Want to Lose Weight?

As a hypnotherapist and a coach who works with weight loss client, I work with many people who want to refocus on building healthier eating habits, strengthen their overall health and lose weight.

Here is what they usually tell me:

  • I’ve tried everything and still didn’t lose weight.
  • I want to keep enjoying the food I eat (meaning: I don’t want to eliminate food items).
  • I want to have fun while losing weight

To address their concerns, we all know that weight loss is not about the food – it’s about the mindset, the patterns, the choices, the beliefs.


What People Should Do Instead to Lose Weight

#1 Creating The Right Routine for Weight Loss

Planning ahead, along with following a healthy routine, help create the right mindset for weight loss, but what can you do during uncertain times? First, it was Corona lockdown, now it’s Corona transitioning time, which will be in place for the foreseen future, and experts are speculating about a second wave of Covid-19, which could come around the fall.

  • Create a morning routine that helps you start the day with motivation and positive energy. A morning routine will set the tone for your day.
  • Wake up a bit earlier than usual to sit in silence with your thoughts (or write them down), plan your day, enjoy your morning beverage and perhaps even write or say some affirmations.
  • Make small plans to match the situation – like planning when you can cook, when can you go out for some fresh air, and make time to connect with other people, either your family members or friends and family.
  • Plan some time for self care, like relaxing in a bath, reading, making art, or simply breathing.

#2 Setting Goals – Big and Small

When working towards your desired outcome, set a concrete goal that you can checkmark at the end. Make sure you’ll know when your desired outcome has been achieved.

  • Along with your long-term goal, it is essential to set up smaller goals to serve as milestones along the way.
  • Achieving your smaller goals will also motivate you to crush your long-term goal.
  • Your long-term goal and your short-term goals should be set in a way that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Bound (S.M.A.R.T goal).


Some Thoughts about Food and Weight Loss

If you’ve followed diets in the past, you probably know that losing weight is not about the food or willpower. It’s about your mindset – your beliefs, actions, and availability to invest and commit to the process.

  • Creating healthy eating habits and a strong mindset will support you in your weight loss journey and even more in maintaining your new healthy weight.
  • Start by asking yourself what you are currently doing to gain weight. What are your current eating patterns? And what kind of person do you want to be?
  • Self awareness will help you to lose weight much more than eliminating unhealthy foods or counting calories.


Join a Community of Like-Minded Women Who Want to Lose Weight Too

  • Miri Malkin is a hypnotherapist and a Mind-Coach, helping people lose weight by creating healthy habits and a strong mindset.
  • Miri works with her clients in her Vancouver office or online, from the comfort of their own home.
  • Miri’s clients enjoy their weight loss process and maintain their new weight long after the sessions are over.


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Miri Malkin

miri malkin

Miri Malkin

Miri Malkin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and ACC certified wellness coach. Her passion is helping clients access their subconscious for improved happiness and well-being. Miri has first-hand experience with many of the issues her clients face. Freed from these by hypnotherapy, she now uses this powerful tool to help others heal and live their best lives. With Miri, you get the treatment and tools for long-lasting positive change from someone who has walked in your shoes. Receive the caring support you deserve near you.

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