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Whether you are at the beginning of your conception journey, have passed a few milestones already, or are opting to conclude it, I am honoured to join you. Most people see parenthood and pregnancy as a natural and integrated part of who they want to be as adults. Social and cultural standards also impact the way we imagine our lives, as do questions from others about our future as parents. These factors can make the journey to conception feel almost unbearable at times.

As a HypnoMothering® Fertility practitioner, I offer non-pharmacological hypnotherapy guidance to enhance fertility for a healthy pregnancy for those seeking natural conception as well as for those undergoing ART/IVF or other medical procedures.

I also work with those who have stopped trying to conceive and who are grieving both their unborn baby and the fact that they are not becoming parents in the way they had imagined. I work, too, with, those who have chosen to end medical treatments, or bypass them, and adopt a child.

Read more about how non-pharmacological hypnotherapy enhances fertility for natural conception and getting pregnant, and undergoing ART/IVF or other medical procedures.

What Is Hypnosis for Fertility and Conception?

HypnoMothering® for Fertility and Conception provides hypnotherapy support to enhance fertility for natural conception and/or for pregnancy through medical procedures such as IUI & IVF.

With HypnoMothering® for Fertility and Conception, you can discover and address issues unique to you. The program integrates hypnosis, visualization, relaxation techniques and somatic approaches to create a strong, deep mind-body connection that helps release emotional blocks and promotes a fertile environment in your body for conception and a mindset to support the growth of your baby.

HypnoMothering® for Fertility and Conception supports you in establishing habits that calm your body. You’ll allow your inner mind to let go of toxic fears or frustrations, gently resolving issues unique to your journey, and moving forward with peace, purpose, and positive expectancy.

Hypnosis for Fertility and Conception was created by Tracy Barrett Adams and is based on Tracy’s rich experience teaching and working with clients on their journey to conception. Her approach is structured, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of different personalities and various situations and infertility issues. HypnoMothering® is a framework for Hypnosis for Fertility.

Does Guided Hypnosis for Fertility Work?

As stated before, we are all unique individuals, and each one has a story unlike anyone else’s, hence results may vary.

Hypnosis for fertility enhances natural and medical procedures through stress and anxiety reduction.

Studies show that “the use of hypnosis during ET may significantly improve the IVF/ET cycle outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates. Furthermore, it seems that the patients’ attitude to the treatment was more favorable.”

“The aim of this study was to combine the benefits provided by hypnosis, such as anxiety and stress reduction, with the most awaited and therefore stressful event during IV – the transfer of embryos into the woman’s uteru – with the objective of improving pregnancy and implantation rates.”

How Can You Benefit from Hypnosis for Fertility and Conception?

Although every person is unique, guided hypnosis can help with a number of common issues that prevent women from getting pregnant.

There are many other issues that online and local hypnosis can help with. I provide a 30-minutes consultation where I can gain a better understanding of your unique circumstances, and together we can explore further whether Hypnosis for Fertility and Conception is right for you.


#1 Stress and Anxiety Relief

Although everyone’s story is unique, when we are talking about infertility, stress and anxiety play a major role for everyone.

Trying to get and stay pregnant for months or years takes an emotional and physical toll that can lead to intense suffering and create tremendous stress and anxiety.

Living with constant stress inhibits your natural ability to create a much-needed calm environment to support your parasympathetic nervous system (also known as the ‘rest and digest’ system), which is responsible for optimizing your physical and mental well-being.

Guided hypnosis can create much-needed relaxation and help ease the anxiety related to constant hope, medical (or natural) treatments, counting days, and social isolation.
Hypnosis for Fertility and Conception helps you to shape a growth mindset and create a calmer internal environment.


#2 Better Sleep

Sleep is another area where those on the journey for conception struggle.

They are tired. Tired of trying and failing, tired of hoping, tired of medical treatments, tired of social isolation, and tired of negative thoughts and emotions.

Although tired, they don’t have restful sleep and, in many cases, they experience insomnia. Is this your experience?

Hypnotherapy for Fertility is highly effective in building healthy sleep habits and creating restful sleep. When you sleep well and long enough, your mind and body optimize their functionalities.


#3 Peace of Mind

On the journey to conception, you probably feel a wide range of unhelpful emotions. Although every emotion plays a role and can be helpful in giving you short-term relief, there is an advantage in understanding your emotions and managing those that aren’t essential for you.

Emotions like guilt, shame, jealousy, resentment, anger, frustration, along with questions and feelings like, “why me?”, “I’m not good enough”, “something is wrong with me” aren’t helpful for your well-being and can be replaced with more positive and supportive emotions and self-talk.

Hypnosis for Fertility is an effective tool to help shift your perception and increase positive thinking so you can relax your mind, diminish self-doubt and self-blame, and accept yourself as a whole person.


#4 See All the Possibilities

Often, we are focused on a very specific process and desired outcome, and we forget about all the other possibilities. When we prime our mind for “tunnel vision,” we ignore other aspects and factors of our specific issue.

This applies to fertility and conception. Hypnosis for Fertility can help you widen your mind’s bandwidth and notice the possibilities that are invisible to you when your mind is fixated on a very narrow set of events.


#5 Bring Back the Joy

The journey to conception is draining. Your positive emotions can easily be numbed by stress, anxiety and a host of other negative thoughts and emotions. Your actions can seem automatic, and you may feel like you’re living from one cycle to the next. If you are in a romantic relationship, loving romantic gestures can disappear.

Using guided hypnosis to tap into your creative inner mind can help you revive and invite joy back into your life.

Hypnosis for Fertility can help you identify opportunities to create joyous moments, reconnect with your partner (and loved ones), bring back the romance and passion, and enjoy what life has to offer.

parents hold the feet of their newborn baby, Guided Online Hypnosis For Fertility in Vancouver, BC

Miri supports clients wishing to get pregnant with online hypnosis and at her Vancouver, BC office to meet their unique needs and circumstances.

Do You Want to Gain a Better Understanding of Your Issues?

I offer a 20-minute phone consultation where I can gain a better understanding of your issues, and together we can decide whether Hypnosis for Fertility and Conception is right for you and whether we are a good fit.

For more information and to contact Miri Malkin @ Miri Malkin Hypnosis For Top Performance click below.


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