Meet Miri, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in Vancouver.

Meet Miri, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in Vancouver.

Miri is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotion Code practitioner and ACC Certified Wellness Coach located in East Vancouver, BC. In her practice, Miri takes a holistic approach to strengthen the mind-body connection, where better understanding of our patterns, behaviour and processes starts. She integrates a combination of therapeutic modalities, along with hypnotherapy Emotion Code and professional coaching, to empower her clients to unlock their potential and experience emotional freedom, improving wellness in many areas of their lives.

Miri is an avid learner and keeps informed on best practices via studies, data, new approaches and the science behind human behaviour and transformation.
Her online hypnosis sessions for better sleep, anxiety and fertility offered in our Vancouver office can help you restore your mental and emotional health and your well-being

Some of Miri’s Hypnosis Certifications and Continuing Education:

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – from Coastal Academy, IMDHA and NGH
  • Certified Coaching – ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Body Code Practitioner
  • MACH – Master Advance Conversational Hypnosis
  • C.L.E.A.R Sleep Hypnosis Protocol – with Tracy Barrett Adams
  • HypnoMothering, Hypnosis for Fertility, Practitioner Certification – From HypnoMothering
  • HypnoMothering, Hypnosis for ChildBirth, Practitioner Certification – From HypnoMothering 
  • Integrative Addiction Solutions – from the Center For Integrative Hypnosis
  • Mindscaping – From Mike Mandel Hypnosis Centre
  • Change Work with Children – with Kelley T. Woods
  • HOPE Coaching – with Kelley T. Woods and Roger Moore
  • The SWAN – with Bob Burns
  • Smoking Cessation – Smoking Cessation Specialist, from the North American Academy of Hypnosis
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My Story

I’d like to share my story so you can understand how I came to be where I am and how I can support you to do the same for yourself.

And So It Starts…Anxiety

I used to worry a lot– as a child, teenager and adult. I was anxious. As a new mom, when asked how I was doing, I replied with, “I’m fine”. But I wasn’t.

I didn’t realize how stressed and anxious I was as I got used to my “new normal” until I found myself at a breaking point. I had to help myself and, at the same time, one of my children, who was struggling to overcome some profound challenges.
We explored an array of therapy modalities, parenting groups, and many other avenues for help. Unfortunately, nothing helped much, and we found ourselves back at square 1 after every attempt.

A Bit of a Mess, Or How I Fell in Love with Hypnosis…

When returning from a family vacation, where my stress had reached new heights and I could not enjoy the precious time away, I decided to meet with a hypnotherapist. After only two sessions I was able to see things differently, have hope and feel like I could gain back control of my life–I was hooked on hypnosis!

I completed my basic hypnotherapy training and became a certified clinical hypnotherapist. My challenges quickly transformed into blessings. Now, not only could I help my children thrive, I could also create a safe space and deep understanding of my clients to support them on their path to transform their challenges into a brighter future.

A Life of Growth

I used to suffer from high stress levels and severe anxiety, which I often thought was a normal state. Through hypnosis and self study, I learned that I can almost eliminate my stress completely and reduce my anxiety substantially. Finally, I was able to enjoy life, I was able to experience new things (like walking on a suspension bridge). I conquered fears (I had a terrible fear of flights, and panicked in the dentist’s chair). Now it’s time for me to help others live the life they deserve.

My passion is to help others overcome their anxiety and create a life where they can thrive.

A growing number of people — children and adults — suffer from anxiety, especially GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), and are too scared or ashamed to talk about it. They tend to isolate themselves and pretend that they are OK. I used to be one of these, but I managed to replace those patterns with healthier, supportive ones.


8 Reasons to Work with Me:


I have a personal connection with all aspects of the service I provide as an athlete, mother and a business professional.
I work with loving intentions at heart, knowing that every person is unique. I meet each client where they are at, guiding them towards their desired results with the hypnosis methods and tools that align with their own beliefs and needs.


As a hypnotherapist I keep things real – I have a practical, yet effective approach to hypnosis and life.


Anxiety, fear and worry of the unknown, is at the root of every challenge we experience in life.
I support my clients to manage their anxious patterns, become their own best version and be excited to discover new opportunities and possibilities.


Sleep is the foundation of better health and well-being.
I’ve helped many business owners, entrepreneurs and high-achievers change their behaviour patterns, sleep better and live the life they want to live.


I am honored and humbled to support clients who come in due to infertility issues.
There is no bigger joy than witnessing my clients expending their families.


Chronic Pain brings it many other challenges including anxiety and sleep issues.
Working with my client to manage their pain and perception of pain, helps them in every aspect of their life.


I use Hypnosis, Emotion Code and coaching, along with other modalities, to transform my life and my business. Now, serving clients and witnessing their transformations fills me with joy and a sense of purpose


I keep learning  from the leaders in the field of hypnotherapy who use advanced modalities of change-work and the latest science behind transformation.

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