Hypnosis Services

Hypnosis Services

Hypnosis Services

Miri Malkin Hypnotherapy in Vancouver is designed to help you gain clarity on what you want in life and what’s currently holding you back from achieving it. Hypnosis Vancouver fosters well-being and facilitates positive life transformation

Creating Positive Change

To create an intentional positive change, we first need to understand our current reality — our processes and perceptions. This leads us towards an understanding of who we want to become and in what direction we wish to move. From here, we can start changing patterns to create new behaviours and a new reality.

Without changing our patterns, we continue to take the same routes and get the same results.

Together, with the power of hypnosis, coaching and other powerful modalities, we can make profound changes in your life.

Hypnotherapy – A Powerful Process

While hypnotherapy is an effective and fast modality to create change, it is essential to understand that hypnosis sessions are put together as a process rather than an event. In my Vancouver office, we work together to change unwanted patterns and replace them with your desired new ones.


Hypnosis is a natural state which we experience many times throughout the day – from daydreaming to watching a show.

Every automatic response is a trance – whether a positive or negative one.

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Hypnosis Unfolds The Power Of The Mind

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis to harness the power of the mind. Hypnosis seeds ideas, which create the change we want in our lives. The more you allow yourself to relax and focus your attention on the positive suggestions offered through hypnosis the more they can take hold in your mind.

Miracles can take a few sessions to happen – especially for issues that didn’t start overnight.

Let's get started

 For more information about hypnosis sessions and hypnotherapy packages I offer my Vancouver clients, please contact me or book a free 20-minute phone consultation.

Together, we can determine the best way to work towards achieving your goals, so you can enjoy sustainable positive change.


Not all Hypnosis sessions are the same.
Not all Hypnotherapists work the same way.

It's All About Success and Personal Experience

My programs are designed to achieve YOUR goal by supporting you to transform your mind.

Hypnotherapy is a process rather than an event

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