Sports Hypnosis: The Next Phase of Mental Toughness Is Here!

Sports Hypnosis: The Next Phase of Mental Toughness Is Here!

Sports Hypnosis: The Next Phase of Mental Toughness Is Here!

What is sports hypnosis and why do you need it?

Many athletes have a team of professionals looking after them. The most strategic and successful ones have a mental coach, a sports psychologist or a hypnotherapist who specializes in sports. This member of their team supports them in strengthening their mental game.

How Does Sports Hypnosis Help with the Mental Game?

Top athletes use professionals to support them to build and strengthen mental toughness, which is basically like physical practice (or weight lifting) for your mind.

Practical and effective techniques give you an unseen advantage to increase focus, get in “the zone” faster, perform at your best, heal better and faster from injuries, as well as know how to overcome losses, stay motivated, and relax when needed.

Sport is a Mental Game

As many sports coaches and athletes are indicating, sport is mainly a mental game.
Yogi Barra, the professional baseball player who later turned coach and manager said, “baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.”

Fabio Fognini, a top tennis player was quoted saying, “If I had mental strength, I’d have been in the top 10 for ten years.”


Professional man in swimming pool. Butterfly swimming style
There are many aspects and layers to being an athlete. As a result, you and your performance can be influenced by many factors. Hurdles such as performance anxiety, physical pain, poor sleep, limiting beliefs and life difficulties can all lead to inconsistent performance.
Using sports hypnosis for building a mental toolkit can benefit you in many ways. It can help you overcome adversities, and will allow you to consistently perform at your best.

Mental Toughness consists of a number of emotional elements, among them are: flexible thinking, responsiveness, strength, resiliency, self-regulation, emotional recovery, self-motivation and self-efficacy.

Let's get started

So if you’ve noticed that your mental game is holding you back or needs a boost, let’s talk about how using sports hypnosis can help you become a winner … again and again.


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