Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias in Vancouver, BC

While we aren’t born with phobias, babies are born with 2 instinctive fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Other fears and phobias are developed through life experiences.  Find out how Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias offered at my Vancouver office can help you or your child to overcome them and to learn how to react differently to these triggers.

Extreme fears or phobias are mostly irrational. Phobia is an elevated state of fear where the reaction to the object is not proportional to the posed danger. When you have a fear or phobia, everyday situations can trigger an irrational reaction leading to panic attacks or high anxiety and causing a person to avoid the feared object at all costs. This obviously affects one’s quality of life, causing the person to avoid typical life activities. In some cases, this can cause harm, for example, with a fear of needles or the dentist, a person may avoid taking care of their health.

Common Fears and Phobias

Among the common fears and phobias I find in my Vancouver hypnotherapy office are the fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of needles, fear of blood, fear of animals (snakes, spiders, dogs, butterflies, and more), fear of public speaking, fear of the dentist, fear of the dark, fear of beards and/or mustaches, fear of specific foods, and much more. 

The majority of people experience at least one form of elevated fear or phobia that is associated with anxiety and loss of control.

Usually people who experience elevated fear or phobia know that their feelings and anxiety are irrational, though they often feel hopeless, thinking they cannot do anything about their fear or phobia. As a result, they avoid the feared object altogether, which actually enhances their fear pattern.

What Makes Hypnosis for Fear and Phobia Special?

Since fears and phobias are acquired patterns, hypnotherapy can guide you to the initial sensitizing event where the fear or phobia began.

As with every pattern, habit and behavior, fears and phobias start with “good intentions,” meaning: they are formed with the intention to keep us safe. However, as they elevate our anxiety, they also change the reality perception and continue with a disproportionate,  irrational reaction.

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Since your reaction to the feared objects are subconscious, hypnosis sessions to overcome fears and phobias at my Vancouver office can help you gain a broader awareness of your triggers, patterns and reactions, encourage you to see the reality of your feared objects, and support you to react differently to those triggers and choose a different pattern.

Ready to Let Go of Your Fear?

The way to freedom starts here!

I offer a free 20-minute strategic phone consultation where we can discuss your current problem and your goals. During this call I can assess whether hypnosis for fears is right for you and whether we are a good fit.


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