Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Life plays out in the mind. The difference between whether you win or lose is determined by your inner programming. To make a difference and change the odds to your favour, you need to observe and understand your programming, and how it presents itself — as inner dialogue, your attitude, motivation, etc. I offer Hypnosis for Sports Performance at my Vancouver office to help you create awareness of how you are programmed, and enhance your programming for your desired outcome.

Sports Performance Relies on Many Elements.

Sports performance is an accumulation of multiple factors, including:

  • skills,
  • techniques,
  • training,
  • focus,
  • a flexible mind and
  • your ability to overcome adversity.
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Every Aspect of Life Can Influence Your Performance

Everything that’s happening in your life can impact your sports performance – relationships (with family, friends, teammates and coach), sleep, injury, emotional and mental states, and more.

In the end, the difference between top athletes and the rest of us is the ability to have laser focus on a given performance while shutting out all distractions.
If you learn this skill and ensure your inner programming is supportive and your physical skills (technique and physical practice) are solid, then your sports performance will skyrocket.

How Can Hypnosis Improve Your Athletic Performance?

Hypnotherapy improves your athletic performance by enhancing creativity, and therefore, flexibility, by 

  • removing mental blocks
  • allowing you to calm your mind
  • improving focus and removing distractions
  • boosting confidence,
  • reducing and managing stress and anxiety.
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Powerful Hypnotic Techniques

Using powerful hypnotic techniques like self-hypnosis, visualization, and mental rehearsal, among others, will provide you with the opportunity to have a consistently improved sports performance.

Learning practical and effective mind strategies will support you long after the hypnotherapy session is over.

Overcoming Bad Habits

Many athletes carry some unwanted bad habits (directly, or indirectly related to the quality and consistency of their performance). They want to overcome these and establish new positive habits.

Increase the Balance in Your Life While Performing at Your Peak

Many high-level sports performers are paying a heavy toll – these athletes need to make a choice between a balanced life and a high performing career. 

High performers are great at mastering a subject matter – they dedicate most of their resources to learning and executing in this area – while they often neglect to invest in other areas. This creates the feeling of a lack of balance.

Ready to remove the obstacles to your best performance?

Contact me to see how sports hypnosis can optimize your mental game.


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