Hypnosis for Sleep and A Restful Night in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis for Sleep and A Restful Night in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis for Sleep and A Restful Night in Vancouver, BC

Sleep is one of the building blocks of well-being and good health. Quality sleep promotes mental and physical health. A good night’s sleep can reduce stress, help you think clearly, improve your mood and, as a result, allow you to do better in your life and relationships.. Find out more about how my Hypnosis for Sleep can help you to improve your overall mental and physical well-being. 

So Many People Have Trouble With Sleep …

Hypnosis for better sleep will introduce (or: re-introduce) you to restful states where you can learn how to induce sleep quickly. Through the hypnotherapy program, you will also learn tools to help you get a surge of energy when needed during the day.

As you get quality sleep, your perception of life will be more rounded and grounded. You’ll have more energy and feel rejuvenated. You’ll find yourself noticing new positive feelings and aspects of your life, where once you experienced irritability due to a lack of sleep.

In a survey done by the CHMS (Canadian Health Measures Survey) between 2007-2013 close to 50% of adults ages 18 to 64 reported trouble sleeping or staying asleep “sometimes/most of the time/all of the time”.

Sleep disorders can be caused by many factors including: stress, anxiety, depression, pain, unhealthy sleeping habits and diet. You can read more here.

Sleep disorders can be a vicious cycle – you don’t sleep well,  which impacts your mental and physical health, which causes you to continue not sleeping well…

How Does Hypnosis For Sleep Help?

This unhealthy sleeping cycle needs to stop. While we will stop it together, we will simultaneously create a personalized set of sleeping habits, a healthy nighttime routine and “sleep hygiene” that will pave the way for a quality night’s sleep.

You will be equipped with practical strategies and hypnosis tools to support you throughout the day, on your way to a restful, good night’s sleep.

This Hypnosis for Sleep program at my Vancouver office will meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be.

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Let's take care of that sleep!

I offer a free 20-minute strategic consultation.

Contact me when you’ve made the decision to commit to a good night rest.


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