Hypnosis to Remove Mental Blocks in Sports Performance in Vancouver, BC

Most people, at some point in their lives, feel stuck, or have the feeling that they’ve “hit a wall” in their personal or business lives.  For many of them, this is a mental or emotional wall rather than a legitimate block. However, in their minds, they feel like they can’t move past it. Our hypnosis program to remove mental blocks in our Vancouver office helps athletes to excel and reach new heights.

Athletes and high performance individuals typically feel blocked mentally as they move up the ladder in their field. There are distinctive mental blocks associated with each sport (for example, back handsprings for gymnasts and tumbling), and there are also ones more common in competitive arenas (the belief that X cannot win against Y), in business (the belief that one is not qualified for one’s title), and in the performing arts (the belief that one cannot be a soloist).

The feeling of being trapped in your own mind is devastating and can stop you from progressing in your sport, career, or business. It causes racing thoughts or feelings, a sense of inferiority and loss of control.

Why Do Mental Blocks Form?


#1 Pressure and Stress.

Feeling pressure from either internal or external sources (parents, coaches, peers, etc.) can cause stress, negative emotions, and anxiety to build up, which can substantially affect topperformance.


#2 Negative Past Experiences.

Failure, embarrassment and loss, along with negative emotions and memories, can be linked to feelings of being incapable of achieving your desired outcome.


#3 Injuries.

In many cases, injuries force you to stop training in the manner you want or are accustomed to. And while watching others – teammates, peers or opponents – move forward, we can perceive healing time as time going nowhere, or as time going backwards.


#4 Sticking to the Same Old Training Routine.

Training routines are necessary to develop and maintain different aspects of your game. However, to work through a plateau, it’s essential to work with your coach to change the routine to gain more skills, strength and agility.

a drawing of a brain with multicolor gears in it, Hypnosis to Remove Mental Blocks in Sports Performance

Bed, Bike and Bath–How Hypnosis Removes Mental Blocks.

I once read about the 3 B’s: bed, bike and bath – times when we allow our thoughts to wander and relax while we focus on other activities, and hence come up with great ideas.  The effect hypnosis has on our minds is similar to the effect of the 3 B’s. Hypnosis allows you to enter a state of relaxation as well as heightened focus and awareness. Based on different studies, the best ideas come to mind when we don’t actively look for a solution. These ideas get us around mental blocks. They get us unstuck.

Remove mental blocks without losing your mind!

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