Hypnosis for Confidence and Self-Esteem in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis for Confidence and Self-Esteem in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis for Confidence and Self-Esteem in Vancouver, BC

Self-confidence:  a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment
(The Oxford Dictionary).

Being self-confident is having the ability to love and accept who you are and feel comfortable in your own skin. Hypnosis sessions for Confidence and Self-Esteem offered in my Vancouver office addresses the issue that while we feel confident in some situations, in others we feel frail and incapable.

You Are Naturally Confident!

You need to be reminded of how confidence feels!

Confidence is within you! You were born confident and never doubted your own abilities until… somewhere along the way, someone told you otherwise. The words spoken by this person (or persons) were engraved in your subconscious and you started to believe them, believe that these limiting stories were true. You forgot about your talents and abilities and how to live your life to its fullest.

Worse, these limiting stories formed part of your inner dialogue that repeated itself every time you made a simple mistake. You need other words instead, ones that encourage learning and compassion for yourself and that offer support.

Is Hypnosis a Good Approach for Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Hypnosis for Confidence offered at my Vancouver hypnotherapy office allows you to tap into your subconscious where your beliefs and memories are stored.

Just like in a garden, where you can pull out the weeds and plant new beautiful seeds, in Hypnotherapy you can tap into your subconscious, observe your beliefs and remove those that don’t serve you anymore. Then you can decide what can serve you better and start planting those seeds.

two woman, having their arms around each other, looking into the camera and laughing, hypnosis for confidence and self-esteem in Vancouver, BC

Many people identify inner dialogue and continuous chatter that constantly beat them down. Hypnosis for Confidence and Self-Esteem can help change that by quieting down the chatter and replacing the negative inner dialogue with a more supportive one. During our work together you will learn techniques to quiet the negative nagging in your head and replace it with words that feel supportive to you. You will learn how to be your own cheerleader!

Hypnotherapy is a rapid process. After only a few hypnosis sessions, you will make better choices with ease and notice increasing levels of confidence and self-esteem.

Ready to Start a New, More Confident Chapter of Your Life!

I offer a free 20-minute strategic consultation.

Contact me when you’ve made the decision to commit to a lighter, happier life.


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Not all Hypnotherapists work the same way.

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