Faster EFT to Turn Those Food Cravings Off | Interview Miri Malkin with Toni Marci-Reiner

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Stress and anxiety are on the rise. Many are looking for ways to alleviate anxiety and enjoy life. Hypnotherapy offers a natural, non-pharmacological process of tapping into your inner resources and empowering your mind.
Can you afford not to treat anxiety?
You deserve to free your self from anxiety and live a full and happy life, where you express yourself and meet your potential.

Miri and Neota’s podcast.


Miri and Neota are sharing and discussing practical tools for anxiety relief. Those tools can be used anywhere and everywhere, and they help create a harmonious balance in your nervous system, reducing anxiety.

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Clinical Hypnotherapists Miri Malkin and Neota Tinkler discuss the experience of Hypnosis as a therapeutic process, including personal experiences from their offices.
Miri and Neota share their knowledge and explain how Hypnosis helps their clients to create a transformation and how it can support you.

Toni Marci-Reiner, Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Faster EFT Practitioner, and Miri Malkin, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Mind and Wellness Coach, are discussing Faster EFT and how it can help with eliminating food cravings.

Eliminating Food Cravings with Faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

In this Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) video Toni Marci-Reiner and Miri Malkin talk about:

  • How to tap?
  • What to say when tapping?
  • How does tapping work?
  • How does tapping work for weight loss?
  • How does tapping can help to stop your food craving?


Toni and Miri are both hypnotherapists who work with clients in person (Toni in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and Miri in Vancouver, BC, Canada) and online.

Interested to learn more – reach out to us!

Toni Macri-Reiner
Certified Clinical Hypnotist
Faster EFT Practitioner

Miri Malkin
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Mind and Wellness Coach
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Miri Malkin

miri malkin

Miri Malkin

Miri Malkin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and ACC certified wellness coach. Her passion is helping clients access their subconscious for improved happiness and well-being. Miri has first-hand experience with many of the issues her clients face. Freed from these by hypnotherapy, she now uses this powerful tool to help others heal and live their best lives. With Miri, you get the treatment and tools for long-lasting positive change from someone who has walked in your shoes. Receive the caring support you deserve near you.

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