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What if you can create the life you dream of simply by learning how to enhance your mind-body connection?

Work with Miri to learn how to sand start your journey today.

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Can you imagine a life with less worry and more calm?

Imagine the anxious patterns, the racing thoughts fading away leaving you calm and focused. Allowing you to feel to get into a serene oasis of clarity. Anxious thoughts fade away, replaced by a healthy empowering stream of clarity. Healthy thoughts flow regularly and effortlessly, each one reminds you that you have the freedom to choose and create your desired present and future.

Knowing you can create a state of harmonious balance, where the mind finds its rhythm, and productivity becomes a graceful dance guided by inner tranquility.
I want better for myself.

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Sleep Better, Live Better. 

Would you like to live a happier, more-fulfilling life?

Sleep is the foundation of a healthy life, physically and mentally. Individuals who sleep better – live better. Quality sleep is the most valuable gift you can give yourself. When you sleep better you can focus better, you can achieve more, you have more patience, your health is improved, you can resolve complex problems, your communication is clearer you treat yourself and others in respectful way. You simply live a better life.
I want better for myself.

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Emotion Code

Would you like to live a life unburdened by the past?

Releasing negative energy from the past feels like lifting weight off your soul. You feel lighter and freer when emotional burdens dissipate, making way for profound balance. Embracing this Freedom, life transforms into a symphony of harmonious balance, where the mind and body work together rhythmically, and life becomes a graceful dance guided by inner tranquility.
I want better for myself.
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Chronic Pain

Can you imagine freedom from chronic pain?

Liberation from the suffering of chronic pain is an emotional sunrise after a long dark night.
It’s an indescribable relief, where suffering gives way to a profound sense of well-being.
Each pain-free moment is a victory, a testament to resilience. Life, once clouded, now shines with the brilliance of newfound freedom and the hope of brighter days ahead.
I want to learn more.
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Hypnosis for Fertility

Can you imagine your mind-body are working in complete harmony to create a hospitable environment to conceive?

We first create in our mind an image of what we want, then following this image, our mind sets a direction for us to go towards.

Although infertility issues manifest in the body, they affected by the mind and bring up to the surface a host of other pressing issues, like self-love, self-worth, stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, lack of sleep.

We meet where you are on your unique journey – whether you are on the journey to conception, considering to stop trying to conceive, grieving your unborn baby or decided to adopt.
I want to learn more.

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Other Services

Do you feel you could be living a happier, more-fulfilling life? Contact me if you are ready to open the door to the life you want.

You may believe that overwhelming stress is normal, that happiness is too much to ask for, or that it’s impossible to live a life free of debilitating pain, phobias, or unwanted weight. Imagine walking away from these beliefs and living with a new, freer, and more positive mindset.

Hypnosis for well-being offered at my Vancouver office targets the elements of your life that are currently holding you back. These include stress and anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, and bad habits such as smoking or excessive eating. Hypnosis targets your subconscious, where negative thinking and unhelpful patterns live and operate. The subconscious is powerful–several thousand times more powerful than the conscious mind. Accessing it, hypnotherapy weeds out thinking that no longer serves you and plants the seeds for thinking that allows you to live the life you desire.

I want better for myself.

I can’t recommend Miri more highly – she changed my life.

“I came to see Miri for my severe anxiety, after a friend referred me to her. I saw different therapists over the years and I had very little hope that Miri could relieve my anxiety. On the phone Miri made it very clear to me that we work as a team. From the very first time I met Miri I felt her sincere care and just knowing she was in my corner gave me the encouragement I needed. After the first session I felt so calm – a feeling I hadn’t had for years. Miri gave my tools I can use in case I need to calm myself when not in her office. Those tools rock! After 3 sessions I had a sense of hope and I noticed how my emotions balanced out. I can choose my reaction and feel grounded. I can’t recommend Miri more highly – she changed my life.”
~Jenna K, Vancouver

I can't speak highly enough of her

I met with Miri via Zoom and can’t speak highly enough of her. She genuinely cares which is quite obvious when you work with her. Miri really listens closely without judgement and with an open heart, and then thoughtfully leverages tools from her toolkit of hypnosis, mindfulness, etc to help with a very personalized approach. She’s an expert on sleep and I can say that I simply feel different – lighter during the day and at night- now after seeing her. Thanks very much Miri!
~Wes, San Francisco

Miri was instrumental in my overcoming my ordeal

I was experiencing severe insomnia and anxiety around sleeping. A colleague suggested hypnosis so I searched for local practitioners and found Miri, and shortly after contacting her we had 4 in-person sessions at her studio. Over that time Miri provided me with numerous tools to help me relax, stay calm, and focus on the issues at hand. Her soothing voice in her tapes she sent me was very comforting and would lull me me to sleep. Miri is extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring, following up with e-mails in between sessions to see how the week was going for me. Her ability to understand the issues that were affecting me from 60,000 feet was tremendously helpful and allowed me to put things into perspective. Miri was instrumental in my overcoming my ordeal, and as a bonus, I have made a wonderful friend.
~Peter, Vancouver

It’s already a week and still haven’t had a panic attack!

“Miri…it’s already a week and still haven’t had a panic attack! Me without a panic attack, after I had them daily! I couldn’t be more surprised if the Virgin Mary appeared in my kitchen with a recipe for chicken soup! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. There are no words.”
~Vanessa T., Vancouver


Miri Malkin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and ACC certified wellness coach in Vancouver BC. Her passion is helping clients access their subconscious for improved happiness and well-being. Miri has first-hand experience with many of the issues her clients face. Freed from these by hypnotherapy, she now uses this powerful tool to help others heal and live their best lives. With Miri, you get the treatment and tools for long-lasting positive change from someone who has walked in your shoes. Receive the caring support you deserve near you.

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