The Topic Change in Sports and Life | Interview Miri Malkin with Gerry Dragomir

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Stress and anxiety are on the rise. Many are looking for ways to alleviate anxiety and enjoy life. Hypnotherapy offers a natural, non-pharmacological process of tapping into your inner resources and empowering your mind.
Can you afford not to treat anxiety?
You deserve to free your self from anxiety and live a full and happy life, where you express yourself and meet your potential.

Miri and Neota’s podcast.


Miri and Neota are sharing and discussing practical tools for anxiety relief. Those tools can be used anywhere and everywhere, and they help create a harmonious balance in your nervous system, reducing anxiety.

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Clinical Hypnotherapists Miri Malkin and Neota Tinkler discuss the experience of Hypnosis as a therapeutic process, including personal experiences from their offices.
Miri and Neota share their knowledge and explain how Hypnosis helps their clients to create a transformation and how it can support you.

In this video, Gerry and Miri discuss the topic of change and share some helpful ways to embrace and welcome change into your athletic life.


This video is a part of a sports performance series of conversations between Coach Gerry Dragomir and Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach Miri Malkin.

Who are Gerry Dragomir and Miri Malkin?

Gerry is Canada’s National Team Endurance Coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge in coaching top athletes. Miri is an online hypnotherapist and a mind coach in Vancouver, BC, working with athletes to help them achieve peak performance while overcoming their stress, anxiety, and performance issues by creating a winner mindset.

Miri and Gerry started the discussion at the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak in March 2020, maintaining the physical isolation measures we are all subjected to. These measures can have a tremendous effect on everyone as an individual, within a family, as an employee, business owner, or athlete. Miri and Gerry chose to talk about the challenges athletes experience, but it can be translated to other groups as well. We might feel that we are stuck, that there is nothing we can do. We can, however, choose to view the current situation as creators, rather than victims. We can discover the many opportunities we can create in times like these.


Helpful Ways to Embrace and Welcome Change Into Your Athletic Life

In this video, Gerry and Miri discuss the topic of change and share some helpful ways to embrace and welcome change into your athletic life. Change is not always easy to embrace. You either love change or not – but you can learn to embrace change to enhance your sports performance and your success as an athlete. When change is imposed on us, or when we feel we are not controlling the change, we tend to reject it.

Here are some questions you may have as an athlete:

  • Is this change permanent?
  • How can I learn to welcome change even if I didn’t choose it? For example, the global situation, or having to change my trainer, coach, or team?
  • How can I respond to change in a positive way?
  • Can I get a handle on how I respond to a change I don’t like?
  • My mindset is the part I can control, but how can I focus on my mindset in times of change?
  • What tools and techniques will help me overcome the roadblocks and see the opportunities in a change to improve my sports performance?


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Miri Malkin

miri malkin

Miri Malkin

Miri Malkin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and ACC certified wellness coach. Her passion is helping clients access their subconscious for improved happiness and well-being. Miri has first-hand experience with many of the issues her clients face. Freed from these by hypnotherapy, she now uses this powerful tool to help others heal and live their best lives. With Miri, you get the treatment and tools for long-lasting positive change from someone who has walked in your shoes. Receive the caring support you deserve near you.

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