Hypnosis to Eliminate Bad Habits for Kids in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis to Eliminate Bad Habits for Kids in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis to Eliminate Bad Habits for Kids in Vancouver, BC

We all develop bad habits very early in life. We can actually see some babies who suck their thumbs even before they are born! Once a behaviour becomes a habit, it happens subconsciously, meaning, we don’t consciously think about it while doing it. Our Vancouver hypnosis for bad habits will help your child successfully overcome unwanted habits.

All Habits Start With the Best Intentions!

Kids develop habits to gain some positive benefits, like protection (i.e. fear of animals, fear of heights/flights, fear of the dark, etc.) and self-soothing (i.e. thumb or finger sucking, nail biting, hair pulling, etc.).

When working with kids to address their unwanted habits during hypnosis sessions for bad habits in my Vancouver office, it’s important for us parents to keep in mind that all habits, including those we consider bad ones, were created with positive intentions. 

I suggest being mindful of how we shift perception about habits. For example, when a baby sucks her thumb, it can be cute. But when this baby grows and continues to suck her thumb at age 5, then we, as her parents, think of it as a bad habit. Our children don’t think their habits are a problem until we tell them they are. This child may have sucked her thumb all her life, but she can suddenly start developing negative feelings (like shame) towards her life-long habit. 

A Habit Supports a Child Until the Child Decides It Doesn’t

As a parent, you probably know that if you decide that your kid has to stop their habit, it will be very hard to eliminate that habit during our hypnosis sessions without your child’s cooperation.  Your kid needs to decide when a habit is no longer serving them and when they want to change it.

Rewards, stickers and other positive encouragement probably won’t change your child’s behaviour. There are 2 main reasons for this:

  1. Your child’s habit is stored in her subconscious, while we are trying to use a conscious approach to enforce new patterns (see Eliminating Bad Habits for Adults for more on the conscious vs. the subconscious).
  2. Your kid needs to want to make a behavioural change and understand why the change is good for them.

My Child Is Ready to Get Rid of Their Habit. How Can Hypnosis Help?

Once your child is ready and wants a change, we can help her create new positive habits so her bad habit is no longer active. Hypnosis for young children is highly effective and is about active engagement of the mind. At a young age, kids regularly engage their imaginary world and naturally activate their imagination. They are particularly open to hypnosis. For older children and teenagers, hypnotherapy for bad habits works much like it does for adults, though we utilize and engage them with mind activities relevant to their age. 

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    Ready to Help Your Child Change Their Bad Habits?

    Once your child wants to make the change and is on board, we can talk and evaluate the best approach. 

    I offer a free 30-minute strategic phone consultation where we can discuss your child’s bad habits, goals and challenges so I can assess whether hypnosis for bad habits for children offered in my Vancouver office is right for you and whether we are a good fit.

    Hypnotherapy Sessions and Rates

    Not all Hypnosis sessions are the same.
    Not all Hypnotherapists work the same way.

    Personal Experience

    At Miri Malkin Hypnotherapy Vancouver you will receive a personal experience. We will work towards YOUR goal, with YOU in mind. The programs are tailored to YOUR needs – for YOUR success. My hypnosis programs are designed to achieve YOUR goal by supporting you to transform your mind.

    Hypnotherapy is a process rather than an event.

    My Hypnotherapy Session Process at our Vancouver Office

    We begin our work together with the Transform Your Mind package, which includes:

    • 3 double hypnosis sessions along with hypnotic and mindfulness tools and practice.
    • Sessions are either online or in person.

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