Hypnosis for Parent Empowerment in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis for Parent Empowerment in Vancouver, BC

Hypnosis for Parent Empowerment in Vancouver, BC

We learn so much as parents. We give and receive, we change and grow, we learn to overcome challenges and our hearts expand so much that sometimes it hurts. Find out more about how Hypnosis for Parent Empowerment can help parents like you calm their minds and create a calm home environment for their family.

In today’s world, it can be challenging to be a parent – our family life is filled with never-ending tasks, and social media gives us the (wrong) impression that life can be perfect.

Parenting Is Bliss!

When your child grows, you learn fast that every age and stage brings new challenges.You need to adapt your parenting to match your child’s age and developmental stage.

What was right when your child was 3 can be very different when they start kindergarten, hit puberty or attend high school. 

Hypnosis for Parent Empowerment offered at my Vancouver office allows your child to grow in a calm, supportive environment encourages your child to open up and live life to its fullest. Providing and maintaining a desired environment allows parents to support themselves and their children.

When your child believes in themselves, they can maintain their confidence even when facing adversity, and enjoy life regardless of setbacks – you’ll both know they’ll be okay. 

Imagine how it would feel if you and your child no longer had to fear that they couldn’t do something. With hypnosis, they can face it all!

Hypnosis for Parents? Really?

From my extensive hypnotherapy work with children, I notice that parents benefit tremendously from having practical strategies they can implement in their household.

Parents can also benefit from self-care – after all, as parents, we are always looking after someone or something else.

My basic hypnosis program for parents includes coaching, training in hypnosis tools and practical self-care.

These hypnosis for parent empowerment sessions at my Vancouver office are a good fit for parents with younger children (5 and under) and for parents who have tried other methods or attended parenting classes and groups and are still looking for effective strategies to promote a calm environment, both in their own mind and in their family home.

How Does Hypnosis For Parents Empowerment Help?

Generally, children have more flexible thinking, as they utilize imagination and creativity for a large chunk of their day – this is why hypnotherapy works so well for them.

I work with children and their families, supporting everyone to create a calm and supportive environment in the home and in the privacy of their own minds.

While in the hypnosis empowerment program, your child will learn new life skills to empower them and introduce positive change into their lives.

mother, children and father sitting in the forest and enjoying nature, hypnosis for parent empowerment

Through a series of fun, playful, and imaginative hypnosis sessions at my Vancouver office, your child will be encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to overcome challenges and get over mental blocks.

They’ll use existing resources as well as learn to create and discover new solutions and approaches to the things they find challenging.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Ready to have a calmer life with your child? Let’s talk. 

I offer a free 30-minute strategic phone consultation so I can understand your particular challenges and assess whether we will be a good fit.


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